Analog tag alarms

I am having trouble figuring out how to use this the way that I need to. I found where you can use a internal tag as the setpoint for the low/high(I guess I am correct in saying that). what I would like to be able to do is also change color on a object when the high trips, and also change color on a object when the low trips. basically I would have a pressure reading from the plc, but I would like to have internal alarm setpoints in the HMI and also indication when the reading goes outside of my setpoints.

I am very new to this. I am testing out this software in hopes of using it on a huge project. having only dealt with wonderware, there is a very large learning curve for me.

I can give you hand setting this up. I do this all the time with alarm tags form the plc, but it shouldnt be any different using SQLTags. Let me know what time works for you, and I will try fit it in my schedule. Very busy as of late, but shouldnt take too long. If you set up a gotomeeting or something like that, I can help for sure.

This is exactly what styles were made for! Add a dynamic property and bind it to the value you are interested in (ie: the AlertCurrentState property of the tag), and use that dynamic property as the driving property of the style. Then you can change the color and much more based on the current alarm state.

I recommend reading up in the user manual about the Property Binding and Styles features. If you get stuck, post back here or give us a call and we can help.