Analysis Contoller and Run Analysis Provider Question

I am trying to use a production Bar chart and an analysis controller to display production counts for machines.

I want to filter it down to show individual bars in the chart for 6 machines that are in a Cell Group. I am comparing by Cell Name and have set Cell Production count as the data points.

I am using the Run Analysis provider. If I use the Cell Group name in the Cell Name filter it will give a total of all of the production counts of all cells in the group in 1 bar but not the 6 individual totals. Is there a way to display the data I want?

I have done a similar thing with the same machines for downtime occurrences using the downtime provider but it gives me the option to filter by Cell Group Name, the Run provider does not.



I thought I cracked it but no luck.

Figured it out.

In the filter I just had to enter ‘Cell Name=Machine 1, Cell Name=Machine 2, …’