Analysis down chart incorrectly marking DT states as DT

I have a tag set up to highlight some differing run states on a palletiser in the production model.

tag values

0 = stopped, do not record downtime
1= running, do not record downtime
2= running, accumulation full, do not record downtime
3= running, powersave, do not record downtime
n= alarm states, record downtime

In the downtime table this appears to work as advertised with things like state=3 not showing

However if I use an Analysis time chart, states marked as “do not record downtime” show as downtime.

Eg I mocked up a quick example

The palletsiser in state=3 throughout - as you can see it does not show in the table, but shows incorrectly in the chart.

Chart is a scheduled vs actual.

Ignition is 7.6.3-rc2 (b2448), DB=postgres

Am I doing something wrong?

The state should show as “Other Downtime” not the red unplanned downtime.
The system sees any state other than 1 as down. If you record downtime and planned downtime are both un-marked then the event will not count against line downtime but the cell will still be considered as in a state other than running.

So, I’m not certain why it is showing as red, unplanned downtime.
Are there any console messages related to the palletizer?

Didn’t see any console messages that may explain.

I have just modified my states for now to have it show properly.