Analysis Time Chart - refresh and interval

If you apply this chart on current run, it updates at first launch but then never refreshes ever again, even if you change bound parameters in the binding function.

Ideally you would want it to refresh ever so often for a current run.

Can you filter by time for the chart?..if you have a run over days it all gets pretty small and you have to zoom in…a start and end property would be handy. The only way I can see how to do it currently is to actually parse the dataset and cut out out of interval data.



The underlying data is updated in the database about every minute. The chart will update according to the settings of the polling mode of the binding function page. Setting the rate quicker than every minute will not help since the data is not updated in the DB yet. It should also update when you change the binding function parameters.
Also, the chart will not update while you are zoomed in.

The chart does not have a filter by time property, but, you can filter by Sequence number in the binding properties. Sequence number increments for each shift change.


but am not seeing any visible change in data (even after hours). At the same time I can see near realtime data entering the downtime table.

It doesn’t even change if you change the underlying production line within the binding function that should force an immediate update by dint of the data being dirty.

Basically it loads data on initialise and then just sits there for ever.

Eg I am at 16:50 now and this is what I can see

The only way that it will not update is when you are zoomed into the chart. This will keep it from updating even if you change the bound production line.
If you drag the mouse from right to left that will un-zoom the chart and allow it to update.

I can see this being a limitation we need to look at for enhancement.


Excellent…thats it :slight_smile:

I’m just getting the MES downtime comms tags setup and I’ve got a 365 day workorder in play at the moment so I can ignore scheduling considerations as I test.

Obviously I have been viewing data zoomed.



The latest release now supports refresh while zoomed.

Cool! :slight_smile:

Many thanks