Analysis Time chart - shows non available shifts as availabl

Have production line with two shifts set and the hours of 23:00->09:00 are not available.

When running the analysis time chart it shows these hours as available.

Am running latest 7.6.4-rc3/postgres 9.x

Screenshot segment attached (Top bar should be showing planned downtime from 23:00-6:00am). Sorry for the transparency.



The line needs a reason code set that is planned downtime for it to show up the way you want. The disabled shift is not automatically triggered since you may be running after a standard shift is over. It is up to you to send the reason code (or define a workday routine) for the line that it is in planned downtime.
You can define a workday routine with an associated reason code to force that reason code during the begin and end times of the defined routine. Note that production counts will still be gathered.

The disabled shift is used during scheduling to determine the estimated finish time.

Yes I agree that one could fudge it by adding a reason, but this does not seem quite right to me.

Scheduled bar means scheduled and non-shift time should show.

Actual line shows actual and can show run times beyond scheduled limits.

Eg if you schedule lunch, it shows up as planned downtime in the schedule bar correctly and you can still run right on through lunch in actual, exactly the scenario you have explained.

See last image for shift setup. (I had varying inheritance, but have shown it without to make it clear)

If you don’t schedule a third shift then there is an explicit indication of line unavailability set into the workday and it should show accordingly in the scheduled line in the chart.

Having to additionally define downtime for the non-defined shift just seems plain irish, and as it turns out you can’t define it in the schedule properly as the times become transposed eg if you see the attached image the 11pm->6am as a workaround to 3rd shift showing it actually becomes a planned downtime from 6am->11pm which is not what one wants. See image.

A bug also seems to have cropped up in the move to 7.6.4 see first image (menu item descriptions). Still work ok though.



Not showing the disabled shift in the schedule bar is something we can look into. The scheduler does have some limitations in its current implementation.

Also, I have seen the bug issue before and am trying to track it down. I know that restarting the gateway will fix it.

Thanks for the input.


Restarting server does not resolve. Had already tried this. Even upgraded top latest RC just in case.

Could also be due to use of postgres as this support is relatively new in MES.



I will check on the link with postgres, but, it should not be related.
Thanks for the info.