Android Ignition Perspective download other than Google Play

Is there somewhere I can get the Android Igniton Perspective app other than Google Play? I am doing a POC with a project on an Android based Zebra MC9300 scanner. I really don’t want to login with my personal credentials to install something, and trying to pull the APK from my phone and install it to the scanner has so far been unsuccessful.

I don’t have a solution, @tbackus.

But I’ll use this opportunity to make the feature request to add the apk to the gateway webpage so it can be downloaded from there. Just like another client launcher. Even cooler if the gateway dynamically built a config file within the apk to point to the gateway it was downloaded from.

It’s hard to find, but you can get it on this page: Extra Ignition Materials | Inductive Automation


Apart from Google Play you won’t be able to find any web to download it inat tv pro indir ios

I just followed Kevin’s link and downloaded v1.0.3. Matches the version in my phone from the Play store.