Android perspective focus

On an android tablet, everything you click like text, containers etc gets a orange border. Doesn’t seem to do it on ios.

Im getting users asking me why that “thing” has an orange border.

The “things” have orange because that’s what android defaults to. You might notice that Chrome provides a light blue outline.

You can set this yourself in the css files, but you should be aware of a couple things before you do:
The light.css and dark.css files can be overwritten at any time by us, so changes you make to these files could be overwritten in the future.
Changes to the light and dark css files will be seen across all projects until an individual project is told to use a different .css file.

To change the outline of all focused components to be a certain color, modify a .css file to include the following:

:focus {
    outline: 1px solid #47A9E5;

where #47A9E5 is the color you want all components to have when focused, 1px is the width of the outline, and solid is the type of line you want the outline to have. More info on available line types can be found here.