Android version for Perspective app

Is there a minimum android version for the perspective app to work? I have a rugged tablet that I downloaded the app onto. I can open it and connect to the gateway, select my project, etc. When I try to open the View, it gets stuck on the spinning orange box with “Launching test2” underneath. I let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes with no progress. This tablet is running Android 5.1 (Lollipop).

I can open the page in Firefox, but I would rather use the app. The tablet has an integrated barcode scanner that I would prefer to use rather than the camera (which doesn’t seem to work in firefox either, but I haven’t done any troubleshooting there yet.)



Android 5 I believe is supposed to work - but try updating the system webview/Android System Webview application separately, if you’re able to; Perspective itself needs a fairly modern browser engine to run, and the main limitation of older Android/iOS versions is the underlying browser engine the app has access to.

So I updated Android System Webview. It is at App Version 77.0.3865.92
It states that it may not be optimized for my device.
I also installed Chrome to see if it would help.
Rebooted the tablet.
Same results. I can get the perspective app to see the gateway, but when I try to launch the application, it just spins the block and says Launching. None of the scrolling lines that appear on my phone even become visible on the Tablet.

The Tablet is a Teguar TRT-4380-10 if that helps with any troubleshooting.

Thanks for any other ideas.

Hi JoeJansen,

Have you had any progress or resolution for your problem? I am about to explore the same path as you are. It would be good to hear back.


Unfortunately, no. We ended up using newer, “disposable” tablets instead of the ruggedized ones. These had a more modern version of Android (forget which one), but being relatively cheap, the end user just bought a pile and swapped them out when they got destroyed.