Angle animations cause elements to "float" away

So this is somewhat strange as I have these fan graphics with a rotating blade assembly. However, I’m seeing the blades starting to “spin” off the shape and around the screen for only a few of the fans on my screens. Alignment doesn’t seem to be an issue as I have another ten or so fans with absolutely no problems. Any ideas?

What version are you running? I had that same problem and it was fixed in 7.3.2 I believe. I had gears that rotated and the would fly to the left and get really small. Only in the client though, the designer was fine.

Running 7.3.3 (b570) 64-bit. I looked at the changelog for 7.3.4 beta, but didn’t see anything that might affect the graphical layout.

If you can, please post a window that demonstrates the issue to help us identify what’s going on.