Animate symbols to move right to left

I have dragged and dropped a symbol and changed the color of it according to my needs. Now i need to make it movable from left to right and top to bottom. E.g first symbol needs to move from x = 40 and move till x = 100 now it should move upwards Y = 35 something like that.Can you guys kindly help me i am new to ignition. I will attach a reference image of particles moving in a shop floor plant

I presume that this is a Vision application but can you add the Vision or Perspective tag to your question (options are under the title editing field) just to be clear.

For anyone else - that's a static screengrab of a YouTube video - not an embedded YouTube video link. (It's early here!)

my mistake in perspective i should be able to move symbols(particles to be clear i will be changing the color of the symbol component) from left to right and bottom to top
is there way in perspective to do this