Animated Conveyors

Does anyone have a good design for doing conveyor animation for conveyors of all different sizes and angles? Right now I am just using images and rotating them for the rollers, but this doesn’t look very good. I would prefer to use the built in shapes to create the conveyors, but the lack of a rotation property on containers and such make it difficult.

Honestly there isn’t a great technique for this right now. The 2d drawing feature coming in fall should make this easier.

Thanks Carl. Is there any information on what will be included in this new 2D drawing feature? I have seen it mentioned on many different threads and am curious of what will be included.


The short description is that it will add a set of drawing tools to the Vision module that will make it easy to draw 2D pictures - lines, shapes, etc, and will utilize our powerful property binding mechanism to “animate” these pictures.

I have done this using 16x16 and 32x32 custom components, and rotations. The resulting svgs work great in vision and perspective.