Animated GIF in image component in 7.9.9


When I use animated GIF in image component, the image container shows nothing.
I use 7.9.9 and as I know thisversion should support GIF in image component. I try the label component for GIF and it works except I cant scale the image.
can anyone confirm this is a bug or there is some option that I don’t about.

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I can do this by setting the Stretch Mode to No Stretch but it also doesn’t scale

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Thanks scicco. yes this works but I really need scaling here otherwise I need to create the actual size that I need in Photoshop each time.
Here I want to scale my fire GIF animation dynamically related to gas flow tag.
Is this a bug?
does anyone know to how handle this problem?

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Your post is old, but I was looking for a solution for why adding an animated GIF was not working on a new project in 7.9.14, and I had used them in the past with no problems. In any case, adding the GIF to a label was not an acceptable option. After trying a few things, I found in the Property Editor–> Image Manipulation–> Stretch Mode needed to be set to “No Stretch”