Animated GIF/PNG support

This hasn’t been talked about since FactoryPMI, so I thought I’d throw it out there. Graphics for rotating devices like fans/pumps are a natural fit for the animated GIF/PNG format. No messy multiple files and rotational angles to deal with, and I imagine less CPU overhead. Great animation editors are available as well.

PS - I know Ignition supports animated GIF for the label component, but it doesn’t scale.


There’s animated PNGs?!


It’s not used widely because the web has pretty much jumped into the Flash/Silverlight boat, with their associated capabilities, complexities, and security flaws.

For HMI though, I think APNG would be great.

Well, for now the label component is your only option, sorry. The filters and stretching capabilities of the image component kill the animation. There will be a new way to use images with the upcoming vector drawing system which may be able to support these formats, but we can’t commit to that as of yet.