Animating a component that's bound to a timer value

Hello, I have a component who's Y: property is tied to a Timer.Value(int). I want my component to sit at the bottom of the screen, 650px and I want the component to move up the "conveyor". I wrote some code in the Property Changed timer, I want the component to return to position Y:650px once the component's Y:value is less than 472px. Here is my code :
cap = 472
if event.source.value <cap:
event.source.value = 650

If I make the Timer.Running value ture, my component jumps to Y:150 and then slowly starts moving up... It should not jump to Y:150. If I run the program and have the Timer.Running value set to true, my component stays at Y:650px and does not move.

Nothing seems to work well... What am i doing wrong or what are some alternatives?

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I recommend using system.gui.transform to move your component. If you want the animation to play out over a certain amount of time, use the duration parameter.