Animation of an object with a timer from right to left

Does anybody have an idea of how to animate an object using a timer from right to left on my screen?

Use system.gui.transform

[quote=“jpark, post:2, topic:16175”]

how do I need to do that?

Look at the example here.

I’m assuming you’re using a Timer component (since the Left to Right part of animation is easy enough to do), as well as a component with an X property. In that case you simply need to do a little math.

Place an Expression Binding on the X property that converts left-to-right movement to right-to-left:
maxPossibleXPosition - currentTimerValue

Regardless if my assumptions are correct or not, jpark’s suggestion of system.gui.transform will also work.

Thanks, guys that worked!

So this means system.gui.moveComponent() is deprecated?

That’s correct - although we almost always maintain backwards compatibility; so the function isn’t going to stop working, it just won’t be visible in the manual or intellihints.