Animations in perspective

In vision for creating animation effect like rotation of fan, or moving and scaling object I use the timer component which is run in client, and bind it’s value for examples the angle of my fan. The rotation of the object can be very fast and create very good animation effect.

In perspective there is no timer in session so I have to create a tag in gateway scope and run a gateway script to simulate the timer. Then I link the tag to angle props of the object in perspective.
The problem is because the communication between browser and gateway is not fast enough, the animations is laggy.
There are also some pauses in communication even if I run session in gateway computer.

I’d like to know how I should create animation like the ones I see in web? The animation in web is fabulous but in perspective I’m totally limited.
I can’t embed already make html5 component in perspective and can’t use old fashion vision method to create animation effect. So what is the solution here in perspective?

Currently, the way to do this is by manipulating the position / rotation properties like you suggested. However we recognize that there are better ways that we should expose to do this.

We are looking at adding an animation feature that would be 100% client-side and would use CSS transitions under the hood.

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Mean while, could you add a simple timer component that run in web broswer?
I believe the new ccs animation feature will be add at least 8 month later.

Let me try and explain the perspective component architecture a bit so that you understand why a “simple timer component” wouldn’t help you (it would be no different that doing animation using a binding or script).

All components run in both the browser and the gateway. All components’ properties values are synchronized between the browser and the backend. This is how the binding and scripting system (which run on the gateway) can so seamlessly interact with the frontend in Perspective. It also means that any timer component that we added to “run in the web browser” would also have its values synchronized to the backend, therefore wouldn’t buy you any improvement in animation at all.

I’m not sure where you got this eight month estimate.

Now I got it. Thanks.
I guess 8 month because right now there are much more important feature need to be done like drawing tools, undo, report component, SFC component, cluttering & decluttering,…
The ccs3 animation feature take a lot of effort to implement in perspective.
But I hope I was wrong and we see all of these feature in 8.0.3 in 3 months.

Yeah, your reasoning is fair I guess, there is plenty to do!