Announcement! Ignition 7.6 Public Beta Available

Hello everyone,

Ignition 7.6 has entered into public beta. You can download it from:
Beta Downloads Page

We’re still working on documentation, but in the meantime, you can read this to get an idea of what’s going on:
Ignition 7.6 Beta Docs

To add voice alarming, you’ll need to download and install these two modules as well:
Phone Notification Module
English Female Voice

To use the SMS notification profile, you’ll need a Sierra Wireless Raven XE.

To use the voice notification, you’ll need something that supports SIP, like a Skype Connect account or some kind of VOIP pbx. If all you have is a telephone line, you can pick up something like the Atcom IP01 which will bridge SIP to a plain telephone line.

We will have ready-made config files for both the Rave XE and Atcom IP01 available shortly. You can purchase these devices through 3rd party retailers.

Holy crap, this looks awesome!

Looks like I have a lot of reading to do before I upgrade my system though…

Will you guys be doing a webinar about this new version when it comes out of beta?

Yes, the release is scheduled (cough, as these things go) for May 7th, at which time there will be a normal release webinar.


I love the new features. :prayer: :thumb_right: :afro: :thumb_left: