[Annoyance] 8.1.9 Style Editor window doesn't have title bar

This is with 8.1.9 running under Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

When I invoke the style editor on a style defined under the Styles node of the project browser, the editor window has a title bar that allows me to drag the windows around.

However if I invoke the style editor on a style defined in the properties of an object, the editor doesn’t have a title bar, and is fixed in the location where it appeared. And I can’t move it about in order to see what is underneath it.

The editor really should have a title bar in both cases.

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They’re not the same Editor. The Perspective Named Style Editor is a “heavy-weight” dialog window, complete with title and window management pieces (close, minimize, maximize) It manages not only one style, but different style attributes based on the current state of the component which the style is attached to. Note that you’re able to click the + icon and create new style attributes based on conditions - like if a user is hovering over the component to which this style is attached. Also note that if you look at the open windows of the Designer according to your OS, that this dialog counts as a second Window.

The in-line style editor is a “light-weight”/“transient” popover. If you look at the count of windows available for the Designer according to your OS, you’ll see that this popover is not counted as a Window. As a consequence of this - the popover does not have the window pieces you’re requesting/expecting.

This was done for a reason. It would quickly get annoying if every time you edit the style of a component you had to actually locate and close a window.

Weeeeelllll … Now I’ll have to point out that the Binding Editor is a fully fledged window, and that you are likely to to be invoking that at least with the same frequency as the style editor.


And I can move the Binding Editor anywhere I want. But with the Style Editor I have to arrange my other windows before I invoke it. That means I need to think. Making Peter think makes Peter angry (1)

So IMHO there is an inconsistency in the UX between the Binding and Style editors.

And speaking of UX inconsistencies, another one is that the UDT editor (which is also a fully fledged window) doesn’t have maximize or minimize handles (which I believe that have reported elsewhere)

Thus you have three inconsistent types of interfaces presented to the user:

  1. Overlay panels (Style editor on an object)
  2. Full windows without maximize/minimize handles (UDT editor)
  3. Full windows with maximize/minimize handles (Binding editor)

(1) But not angry enough to use a different HMI system.

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