Annoyance: Change in position of boolean check boxes

(This is on Perspective 8.1)

if I have a boolean parameter etc on an object in Perspective

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 11.16.23 AM

And then when I am testing I click on it

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 11.16.39 AM

Because the position of the check box is determined by the length of the text version of the state, the check box moves left and right. The change in this position is such that when I position the mouse cursor over the check box when it is false, and click on the check box, the check box can move enough that the mouse cursor is no longer over the check box!

Thus I have to take my eyes off what I am testing, reposition the mouse back over the check box and start all over again.

Looking away from my testing makes me frustrated. When I get frustrated I get angry, and when I get angry I consider deleting Ignition and installing Factory Talk (well, maybe not that last step :wink:)

Can anything be done about this?

Since that is in designer i don’t think there’s anything you can do directly. Maybe a feature request? If it bothers you that much you could create check boxes in perspective and bind your parameters to their values, though seems like more trouble than its worth. I think that last one was mainly a joke or trolling Nick, but it would be a shame to ditch ignition over this.

Mwah ha ha ha !

Empty threats get you nowhere. :laughing:

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Right now I’m doing unit testing of individual components/views that will be embedded later on in larger views. In the larger views I do bind these booleans to other tags/objects in order to perform some integration tests. So adding superfluous objects isn’t my preferred route at the moment.

And yes, it’s Friday, so my hyperbole is cranked up a bit more than normal :roll_eyes:

I mean, I guess it helps a bit, but it’s really not as much of a smoking gun as you might think (in my opinion):

That said, it’s an easy change to make (obviously, I just did it to generate the screenshot above), so if enough people care we can certainly do it.


That’s why I named it an annoyance!

But one thing about good UI design is not to have things move around in unexpected ways.

Selection spacebar

No you don’t. Click once and then use the spacebar.


That is so obvious I am surprised that I totally overlooked it /S

And I had to go for a capital-S for for sarcasm indicator this time :roll_eyes:

  • not being able to pass parameters as text and use it in expressions to do different things based on what you passed in, or
  • not being able to change the display format of numbers in a numeric component based on the tag, or
  • how you can't make some of their buttons use the 2000's styling and not the 1900s styling, or
  • why the COM objects (List, Dropdown etc.) display on one client and not on others, or
  • why the tag browser is difficult to use and why it doesn't show live values, or
  • why you can't see live values of tags anywhere, or
  • how you go about creating a structure of tags (udt),
  • or how to view the status of the SCADA servers, or
  • why 60 (may be exaggerated) applications are installed when you just wanted the SCADA application
  • why you can't change the path to a global object embedded on a page
  • why you can't edit the props of multiple tags at once
  • why you can't copy and paste component animations

By no means am I defending FT, because of the other things you posted, but this one isn’t true. You can copy and paste animations. It is an all or nothing and definitely could be much improved, but it is possible.

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It’s been a few years since using it, maybe if I say “individual animations”?