Another Custom Data Type tag issue

I’m experiencing another issue with UDTs.

I put the following binding into a custom property, created using my UDT as type:

The tag path is correct.
I have the correct structure but full of NULL values :confused:

I’ve noticed using tag({[Client]PathPrefix}+"/UDTInstance/Member") works, but i need the whole structure, of course.
Any suggestion?

My first inclination as to why the expression isn’t working might be related to the tag() expression function. It returns the value of the tag at the specified path, so it is trying to return the value of the tag “{[Client]PathPrefix}/UDTInstance”. Since want to return a tag path with the expression, this won’t work.

Try using a indirect tag binding instead of an expression binding. That is more or less what the expression is trying to do, except it will return the tag path to the custom property instead of a value.

thank you for the reply.
my expression is tag({[Client]PathPrefix}+"/UDTInstance")
not tag("{[Client]PathPrefix}/UDTInstance")

i already tried with another expression, computing the correct path.
i used it as tag() parameter, but the result is the same…