Another Jython question

OK so after reviewing online information for Python how do I get the scripts that I write in Jython to work with objects in PMI and is there documentation that provides object and their related methods, events, and properties that can be accessed via Jython?

The user manual would be a good place to start. Check out the Technical Reference > Jython section.

There is also some information that you might find useful Designer > Concepts > Events

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OK next question and I have not been able to find much information on the topic. How can I connect to a sql server db using jython and then bind the results to a dataset for a dropdown or table?

It sounds like you just want to set up a binding on the dropdown or table’s data property. This has nothing to do with scripting.

It sounds like you’re a bit rusty on the fundamentals of how to use FactoryPMI. I suggest you read through the Designer > Concepts section of the user manual. Or you might want to sign up for one of our online training courses.

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Send me a PM. I’m willing to schedule a time for a quick introduction to FPMI over gotomeeting if you’d like.