Anti Virus and Ignition

Hi guys

After my experiences with ArchestrA and virus scanning screwing up historian store forward files (files that are constantly updating so the virus scan doesn’t have chance to complete) - are there any recommendations / traps to avoid/ advice regarding Ignition and anti-virus?



Not an answer to your question, but I’ve had to make specific port exceptions to allow Ignition to not be blocked by anti-virus/firewall.

Yeah I’ve passed this lot on:

Any sneaky ones that aren’t on there?

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The only issue I’ve seen with Vipre (as our IT department had it setup before we started using Ignition) in particular is it eats up a lot of CPU while scanning. Ignition usage is low enough this hasn’t been an issue except on one server running something else CPU intensive. We’ll probably end up getting it and Ignition on separate computers.