Antialias everywhere

The more I use the designer the more I’ve seen that it is a professional grade design platform that provides the tools needed to make top quality user interfaces. The only exception in my opinion is the lack of anti-aliasing in a few areas.

Button text has no anti-alias option and the same is true for tables and radio buttons. There may be others but those are the only ones that come to mind. Mixing components on a page where some are anti-aliased and some are not looks really bad.

Please enable anti-aliasing for all text in Ignition.


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And I like the hair.

I remember one of our previous developers figured out a way to force everything to antialiasing. I want to say he was passing a parameter in when the client started, I just dont remember how.

See our previous developers response below. It looks like he was able to add an argument that enabled anti-aliasing for everything. This is beyond my capabilities and knowledge, but I thought maybe someone else or the IA staff could enlighten us on using this method, and if it is feasible.