Any Change Alarm

I want to generate and email/alarm anytime a tag value changes. The documentation say the Any Change condition will never be active and therefore never triggers the alarm. Is there anyway to trigger the alarm at least long enough to send the email? I tried the Clear Delay thinking that might work but it doesn't. I guess I will have to use the Not Equal and compare it to a memory tag where I store the current value, and when it triggers have it update the memory tag to the new value? That's a pain in the butt, what good is the anychange condition? There has to be a better way I'm just not thinking of?

Do you actually need the alarm? Can you just use in a tag change script?

Does it have to be an alarm?

You could use a Tag Change Gateway Even Script and

Kevin beat me, but there's a link to the documentation.

Ideally it would create an alarm, but this is better than nothing.


Ok, I have the tag change event script working, but ideally I would send the email to the same people in alarm pipeline. Is there someway to read the email list from the pipeline? Or is there a way to inject an alarm into the pipeline?

Did you try setting the "Clear Pipeline" on the tag already?

Any Change alarms do generate events, they are just instantly cleared as well. You should still be able to send them to a pipeline upon being cleared.

You might also be able to send them to an Active Pipeline as long as you don't have Cleared set as a dropout condition.

Yes, I tried that, but it doesn't work either.