Any Change Alert logging on SQL Tag Changes

I have a UDT with several tag in it that have alerts configured for any change events to log them. I am tracking setpoint chnages with these alerts. I am currently seeing unexpected behavior in that if i edit the any tag in the udt then the alerts will trigger and store to the db even though the value has not changed. I wouldnt expect this to trigger a change in the value just due to a UDT edit.

Is this how this is suposed to work or is it not working correctly?

Unfortunately, I think this is working as expected. When you edit the type definition, all instances get reloaded, causing the tags to be re-initialized, and new alarm state messages to be sent out. In the notification system we have a “ignore initial event” option, and perhaps the logging system should as well.


Kind of thought that might be the case but not a big deal just had it come up and thought i would make sure.

Thanks Again