Any demo projects available

Are there any demo projects in existence for FPMI and FSQL? I didn’t find anything bundled with the installs so I’m assuming no.

We’re putting together our own demo project at the moment (before we get accused of laziness!), to show some interested parties, but time being against us any kind of ready-made would be a help.

Thanks :smiley:

We don’t have a ready-made demo app right now, sorry. This something that we are currently working on.

The closest thing we have is the Skeleton Project goodie for FactoryPMI - that should help jump-start your demo efforts. (available at … ies/?id=14)

Let us know what else we can do to help,

Thanks Carl. I didn’t notice the Goodies section, very handy.
I’ll take a look at the Skeleton Project, although it sounds like what we need and can build on.

New Demo is available with fresh download or from:

The one that comes with the download can be dissected so you can see how to do things. It also makes a great starting point for projects.

Hi Carl
This link sends to a page where I can not see any download

Did you note the dates in this thread? FactoryPMI hasn’t existed for many years.

Modern demo is here:

Copies of the project files for that demo can be found on the Ignition Exchange.

The latest versions of Ignition also ship with a Quick Start project (just say yes when prompted) which gives you a project you can explore and demonstrations of the most common features in perspective.

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