Any maximum file size using event.file.copyTo for file uploads?

I was using file upload to allow users to upload images and save it in Gateway locally using event.file.copyTo(filename). However, when file size is more than 1MB, file was not saved. Upload component was showing successfully uploaded. Does anyone have similar encounter? Any recommendations on the solution?

Tried pdf files and it’s the same.
File size limit is set at 10MB
Ignition 8.1.11 running on Ubuntu 20.04


Check your gateway logs for any errors.
Also, can you share your exact script?

There isn’t any wrapper logs with regards to file upload when uploading a file more than 1MB.

My event script is:
path = “/home/user/images/marketing/”
filename = path +

Hmm, there might be an implicit maximum file size imposed by Jetty, though I would expect that to trigger something in the logs. Are these file uploads being triggered on a desktop computer, or a mobile device? Any chance you could wireshark the upload request?

There's some configuration you can do to Jetty, though again, I'm not sure this is even the source of the problem:

The uploads are to triggered on desktop computer while I have also tried the same from an iPhone.

I’ve changed as below, restart the gateway. But it’s still the same for a file size of 1.3MB.


I was just able to upload a 175mB file to a remote host running 8.1.11 (and no customizations to web.xml, etc) with no issues. You may need to investigate your network further with Wireshark.

I managed to solve the problem. I’m running the gateway behind a Nginx reverse proxy and by default, the maximum upload file size is 1MB. I just need to add the below statement inside server{} to increase the limit.
client_max_body_size 15M;

Thanks for helping.

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