Any plans to make ignition tags available via OPC?

If this functionality were available it would be really easy to interface with alarm management software. I know that ignition can handle email and text alerts, but alot of people still prefer to use voice. with that said, alot of alarm management software’s allow you to call in and ack alarms or even just get status updates on current alarms.

just wondering if this is in the works.

That could certainly be implemented in a module. Then again, so could voice enunciation, group call back, alarm acknowledgment, etc.

The near term road map is packed with really cool features (like the mobile module discussed here). We really appreciate this kind of feedback because it guides the development path.

Ok, so it doesnt sound like this is something in the works.

Like I said, with this functionality you could easily integrate into alarm management software. Another way that this would be useful in my industry (Oil and Gas), would be the ability to share info with Partner companies. Cygnet, for one, supports this. I also know that matrikon/kepware makes OPC servers to connect up to Wonderware.

How else could we share info with partner companies? I like the idea of more modern technologies like web services. Ignition is a full OPC-UA client and server and has a DA COM (client) module, so you can read/write to other OPC servers that way. As far as being an OPC Server, we don’t want to be a full OPC-DA server by design (Microsoft exclusively, plus generally moving backward). I see the benefit of the ability to expose SQLTags to legacy systems (via DA, worst case) but the utility should diminish with time. As more vendors embrace UA, you should have more and more elegant interoperability options. In the meantime, we’re pushing forward with development, implementing technologies that our customer base is sure to love!

are you saying that I can access sqltags via OPC-UA? even if it was OPC-UA only that would be great. having the ability to expose your tag database to outside programs via opc-whatever makes sense to me. I dont think that is the case based on this recent thread though.


I am pondering some ways to work around not having this feature and they all involve alot more scripting and all involve adding more software(or even hardware) and also limit the available data.

for instance, we need voice callouts on alarms, so that I will need to use a software like win911 or UCME.

since they cant connect directly to ignition I have a few options.

1: connect directly to opc server. downside, analog alarm setpoints will have to be manually changed in win911 as opposed to in ignition. this means that anytime a an alarm limit needs to be changed, an operator would have to email me so that I can change the alarm setpoint in win911.

2: connect directly to opc server and also setup a plc/rtu to act as a data concentrator. igntion sees an alarm on a tag and then toggles a bit in plc. win 911 looks at bit in plc thru opc server and sends alarm. downside, have to depend on hardware plus scripting to handle a like 20k alarms.

3: find a database to opc server that can look at data stored in table and export that out via opc, then have win911 look at that. That probably makes the most sense but the downside is having to rely on some outside software and the scripting for so many tags.

Any chance for this feature? Making Ignition an OPC-UA server for all its SQLTags? Most other HMI software serve their tags in this way through OPC, SuiteLink or DDE etc.

Sure, it would probably be easy enough to expose the SQLTags under OPC-UA. Our primary fear in making it possible is that it might lead to confusion (tags created of opc, in turn showing up under opc), but by making it a driver you would have to choose to set it up, which would probably take care of that.

As for the timeframe, I can’t say exactly, as we’re a little busy with 7.3 at the moment, but I suspect it could be done within the next few months.


Are there any members or end users still interested in having Ignition Tags available to other OPC or OPC UA clients?

This is a must have for a project I am on, and will be researching or coding a solution. I will post some of what I find. If you are actively interested lete me know.

I think Kyle Chase/KSB has a module that does this? Maybe?

How about here?