Any plans to support adding tags to individual UDT instances?

Are there any plans to support adding tags to individual “already created” UDT instances?

This isn’t my exact use case, but say I wanted to have a UDT for a flow meter with gas analysis values. Some meters may have ~15 distinct gas analysis tags where others may only contain a subset of those, if any at all. Right now, if I wanted those to share a similar tag path, I would have all of these points in a UDT and just disable the ones not in use on a instance by instance basis.

The current UDT model also breaks down if field operations personnel decide that a particular facility needs a “one off” tag monitored in Ignition. If the facility were created as an instance of some UDT (even with nested child UDTs), I would have to add the tag to the UDT and disable it on every other instance.

All of these solutions feel clunkier than they need to be. Has anyone figured out a better way to handle this? or, back to the original question, are there any plans to support adding tags to UDT instances?

What other SCADAs have done (e.g. ClearSCADA or rather Struxureware Geo SCADA Expert SCADA Geo did-I-say-SCADA or whatever they’re calling it these days :roll_eyes:) is also to allow overriding the UDT typeId of nested UDT instances within a UDT definition. Then, for example for your different gas analysis sets of tags, you could create UDTs for each set and then simply override the nested gas analysis UDT in your flow meter UDT. This would provide a solid structure to use, rather than needing to know which tags to disable and enable for particular flow meters. In the meantime, I would probably create multiple flowmeter derivations (i.e. a basic flowmeter and multiple other UDTs with the basic as the parent) and modify those with your different combinations. It’s a bit crap… but at least it’s easier to tell exactly what type of flowmeters you have.

ClearSCADA also lets you add (and remove??) tags from an instance which is useful for those occasional odd balls.That ship may have already sailed though for Ignition.

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Thanks for that info. If IA ever extended the functionality of UDTs, some of that functionality would be really useful for the Oil & Gas space.

I would love this so much.