Any system tag in Ignition which indicate my client is running?

Hi. Is there any system tag that I can read indicating that my client is open and running. .
Otherwise, is there any other way to know ?
I am using Ignition Edge without Gateway Event script function so I am using Client Event.
I would like to send bit 1 to my other system indicating alarm if my client is close.

Would Session count help you ?


You could use a timer event to write to write to a watchdog bit on the other system. Not updated in the last 2 minutes? Must not be connected.

Umm take a look to system.util.getSessionInfo - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation (

This should return your desired info. You may also want to run it edge gateway scope with timer, so the the watchdog won’t sleep when client/session closes/ends. Finally write a value to a tag “send bit 1” and use remote tags to your main system for alarm.

thank you all for the suggestion, I will take a look on that and come back if there is any question. cheers