Any way to automatically restart faulted datasource?

I have an oracle db connected as a datasource from a remote location over internet. It faults out periodically and the only way to fix is to click the edit button and then save changes on the gateway. Is there anyway to automatically reconnect after its been faulted?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way right now to automatically reset a database connection. It should retry. When it is in that state I need a couple of pieces of information:

  1. Go to the Ignition Gateway status page and click on Datasource Connections. Are all of the connections in the pool used up? You will see Active Connections 8/8 or something like that.

  2. Can you send us a thread dump? You can make a thread dump in the Ignition Gateway config page under System > Console, select Threads tab and click on the Download Thread Dump button at the bottom.

If it does happen again you can always call our tech support and we can have our developers take a peek.

unfortunatly I cannot see the if the connections in the pool are used up because even when the connection is working it says status “unknown.” I will try to get a thread dump next time it happens or call tech support but it usually happens after hours.