Any way to control tooltip on Chart

I have a chart that shows three different datasets. It is an XY Plot type. They all share the same X-axis, which is a number of hours a process has run. The datasets all have two columns, the first is the x value and is an integer. Everything displays fine on the chart. My issue is that when I hover over a point and PMI displays the tooltip, it shows the x-category as a fixed date. For example if I click on the gravity line, I get the following in the tooltip: Gravity: (12/31/69 4:00 PM, 3.9)

The Y-axis looks to be about 3.9, so I believe that is correct. Any idea why it is displaying the X-axis as a date? It does not appear to change from this date, even if I pick a value further along the x-axis.

Unfortunately, no, currently the classic chart assumes you’ve got a timeseries x-axis, which is clearly a bad assumption.

I took the liberty of moving this to the feature request forum, it is something that we can fix.

Thank you Carl. We appreciate all the upgrades you guys have made to your application. They really do make creating a customized application a possibility for us.

This is in for 3.3.3 due out early next week.