Any way to disable overlays in designer, makes placement impossible

Subject says it all, it’s very difficult to lay everything out since I’ve started putting in the bindings.Thx, jake

It’s context sensitive, so you may need to have the Vision workspace selected.

Hmm, don’t know if this affects Perspective or if there is an equivalent if it doesn’t.

Not that I’ve found. It’s probably even more relevant in Perspective because overlays actually affect the size and display of the objects. If I don’t have a PLC, especially in Perspective projects, I’ll convert all of my tags to memory tags (I have a script that converts back and forward), otherwise development is basically impossible (without setting all flex containers to mode: hidden, which I’ve been doing as well)

Yeah, as I’ve gotten further into development it’s gotten harder and harder. I’m moving from vision to perspective and this has to be the most overlooked problem I’ve found.

You can copy tag json and change the valueSource property of each opc tag from “opc” to “memory”, and all other opc config is kept intact, but the tag will become a memory tag. Then when you want to convert it back, just reverse. Of course, you want to make sure you’re only converting back true opc tags and not converting actual memory tags to opc…

I have a script to do it on this forum somewhere if you want me to dig it up? (Of course, it’s use at your own risk, however i’ve been using it for a while with no issues. You can also always backup your tags just in case, which I would do anyway)