Any way to increase the chart plot curve interpolation?

I’m trying to smooth out my chart line, and while curveBasis is a step in the right direction, it barely smooths the chart out with the data I am using. Is there anyway to manually increase the amount it smooths out the data in the Perspective Time Series Chart?

I’d like it to look more like this:

Perspective’s architecture doesn’t allow you to plug in any old javascript you want. You’ll need to use the ideas portal to convince IA to add the functionality in a future version, or use the SDK to create your own charting component with the features you desire.

Or use the java math libraries Ignition offers to generate the curve yourself and supply the high-resolution set of points to the existing chart.

I think I figured out a way - changing the point count to a very low number for the tag history as the series data:

And then adding a plot and changing the interpolation: