Anyone else notice the nightly is now 8.1?

No release notes, so probably nothing cool gets merged into the branch before ICC, but super exciting to see that 8.1 is just around the corner!!!


Yes, I noticed, too. (:

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I figured something cool was up when the nightly changelogs magically stopped…

I’m hurt. I was sure you all thought we always have something cool going on. :wink:


And… Cue posts about cool new features being “discovered” as we lead up to ICC!


Means we’ll find out who reads the change log. :slight_smile:

Biggest change I’ve found so far is that the linux installer filename changed from “Ignition…” to “ignition…” my auto-nightly update script broke. :anguished:

You mean changing it back to “ignition”? That is to fix the breakage from changing it to “Ignition Gateway”. Spaces and capital letters in a service name break many other scripts.

Its been a capital “I” on the linux installer file since 8.0.0, not that I don’t want it to be lowercase.

I have been deploying with customized scripts using the contents of the zip installer for several years now, so I didn’t notice until someone complained on this forum that some part of their init system didn’t work, thanks to the nonstandard name. The service name had been “ignition” all through the 7.x.y series. (~10 years or so.) Not a high priority, as anyone playing the linux world is likely to be able to rename the script if they need to. So the fix showing up in 8.1, an LTS, seems about right.

{Edit: I just realized you mean the download filename itself. That used to be lowercase, too, but further back. My scripts have been using a bash “?” for the first letter for a long time.}

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Your edit is spot on. Yea, I also made the same fix, just hadn’t considered it before.

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Only undocumented change I’ve found so far is the change from javax11.06 to 11.07 (seen in the script console on startup)

They’ve done a pretty good job of hiding anything new under the hood :thinking: