Anyone else want to stay logged in to the Perspective App longer?

There’s a feature issue for that. You can vote here:

I believe this was implemented.
Have a look at your project settings (Perspective → Inactivity)

Or perhaps you’re having timeout on mobile which can be configured here (Perspective → General):


Ah, you’re right! I was able to push it up to 35,999 seconds for mobile which is better than before. But I would really like months or even years. I also disabled inactivity detection, so hopefully it will stay logged in for a very long time!

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Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Still asks me to login a ton… :pensive:

Do you have any timer scripts or session events that could be logging you out?

I can look - not that I know of. I did start with the demo app (just doing some home automation).

this was buggy as heck. Its fixed according to IA support on 8.1.1

I’m on Version: 8.1.1 (b2020120808)

I checked and I don’t have any timer scripts or session events. Good thought though!

sorry 8.1.2

I can’t confirm tho

Ah, nice!

Everyone who uses the mobile app has the same complaint, why does it not just keep them logged in like literally every other single app they have on the phone. Can't believe this still hasn't been fixed.