Anyone else want to stay logged in to the Perspective App longer?

There’s a feature issue for that. You can vote here:

I believe this was implemented.
Have a look at your project settings (Perspective -> Inactivity)

Or perhaps you’re having timeout on mobile which can be configured here (Perspective -> General):


Ah, you’re right! I was able to push it up to 35,999 seconds for mobile which is better than before. But I would really like months or even years. I also disabled inactivity detection, so hopefully it will stay logged in for a very long time!

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Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Still asks me to login a ton… :pensive:

Do you have any timer scripts or session events that could be logging you out?

I can look - not that I know of. I did start with the demo app (just doing some home automation).

this was buggy as heck. Its fixed according to IA support on 8.1.1

I’m on Version: 8.1.1 (b2020120808)

I checked and I don’t have any timer scripts or session events. Good thought though!

sorry 8.1.2

I can’t confirm tho

Ah, nice!