Anyone run a Perspective client in Opera and/or on FreeBSD?

We’re considering running a Perspective client in a browser on a PLC running FreeBSD (Beckhoff). Anyone out there try this? I’d be interested in any tips or pitfalls. This would be an on machine HMI. Cost is a factor for the small system so we’re hoping we could run a fairly low end Beckhoff PLC–preferably somewhere in the performance class 10-30 category, rather than the performance class 50 we’ve found works alright to run an Ignition server and Vision client.

Opera is supported on FreeBSD and is supposed to be standards compliant as well as very lightweight compared to some more mainstream browser options, so we’re thinking it might help this work well on low performance hardware. Does Opera play well with Perspective?

We don’t test Opera. Use Chrome if you can.

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Thanks; good to know. Are Chrome and Chromium equivalent for this purpose?

Chromium is definitely an option–listed as medium resource load, so might slightly up the PLC performance requirements, but should be doable.

They should be equivalent. Chrome is Chromium + all of Google’s crap.

The only thing I can think that might be different is that Chromium may not include some video codecs that require a license.


I am trying to run a perspective project on a chromium based web HMI.
I only see blank screen when I connect to the perspective weblink. Do I need to make any settings in Project or DNS Server ?
HMI network settings are dynamic.

Can you share with us what's the brand and model of the web HMI.

Isn't Opera built on chromium anyway ?