Anyone use Ignition for Scrum?

Has anyone created a Scrum application with Ignition? Including a Scrum board, burn down charts, etc.

Also, any ideas on how one would create a post-it note that could be dragged from one column of the scrum board to another? I suppose one could have buttons or a drop-down list to designate the post-it note’s location but I think it would be cool to have the click and drag functionality to more closely represent the physical Scrum board.

Any Inductive employees out there that have done this? I see that you use scrum in your software development, so it would make sense that you use your software to aid in the scrum.

Thank you for any experiences that you have to share.

In development, we use Trello for our scrum boards, along with the Scrum for Trello browser plug in. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply, Kathy.

Trello looks pretty good. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Though it looks like it lacks the ability to assign point values to the tasks and it doesn’t have off the shelf burndown charts, etc. How do you handle that?

Have you considered developing a Scrum Ignition app? If so, why haven’t you?

My company has some solid Ignition developers and we have a need for a Scrum solution, so I was thinking about having my existing assets solve one of my existing issues.

There are so many Scrum solutions to choose from.

I appreciate your help.

The Scrum for Trello browser extension lets you do the points very easily. We also found a Javascript solution that would do the burndown charts, but it turned out no one looked at them – they just went to the Trello boards to see the progress. :blush:

We briefly thought about using Ignition, but Trello worked so well and so fast for us that the effort spent in developing a solution we all liked in Ignition would not have had enough of a return to pay off. We also evaluated 4-5 other commercial packages for scrum, and all of them were more complicated to use than we cared to deal with.

That’s exactly what I have encountered. All of the software is too heavy! That’s why I thought that I could build my own custom Scrum application with Ignition.

Now that I know I can assign points and have a burndown chart, I think I’ve found a winner!

Thank you so much for your help! :prayer:

We use Scrumworks. It’s fairly lightweight for small teams and has lots of options to work the way that you want to work.