Anyone use perspective on an XH300?

Coworker quoting a new job. I was asked to look into if we could deploy perspective on a XH 300 HMI Web Panel -

Has anyone used these with perspective?

The literature I see says it's Linux/Chromium based, so that's promising...

The only concern would be Chromium version, updates, and performance. Maybe someone who has used one can chime in...

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My coworker was allowed to play with one of these to see if it was possible and it is. He said the ratio of his project didn't look great but I suspect that is just design issues within our control, not the panel itself. Posting this here in case anyone else is wondering.

might be interersting to browser to this on the device


Oh that would have been good. Unfortunately they vendor came by and let us play with it but then took it back. Interesting Chrome only gets 528/555.

ahh tolate xd you might still be able to request the screen shot from the vendor for this ^^
though the score itself doesnt really say everything

chrome scores pretty good

the designer scores 473, tho i havent updated it in a while

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On my Kubuntu 20.04 daily driver, Firefox 113.0 scores 480. Biggest dings compared to Chromium were a few form elements, some geolocation features that chromium is obviously lying about, missing WebRTC 1.0 support (though Jitsi works fine), and lack of payments support (I'd call that last a plus).

Chromium 114 scored 526. Probably differs from Chrome itself only by the two proprietary video codecs I don't use.