Anyone using HARTING RFID or Turck RFID(Modbus TCP/ OPC UA)


I am looking at evaluating some RFID Readers and their ease of use of integrating to Ignition. Just curious if anyone has interfaced with the Turck TBEN-S(ModbusTCP) and TBEN-L(OPC UA).

Also HARTING has a MICA RF-R300 Complete RFID Starter Kit. It appears like it can run in a Evaluation mode and has OPC UA, ModbusTCP, and LLRP comms options.

I have a call with HARTING tomorrow, if I can lay hands on some hardware and evaluate it I will post my observations for future use.

HARTING RF-R300 Starter Kit


I do not have any experience interfacing with RFID in Ignition, but I’m interested in this topic as I may doing this in the future. If you are able to test some hardware, keep us posted. Thanks!

I’m also interested in this…