Anyone using Scoop to install software for Windows?

Extremely brief introduction. Scoop is for Windows what Homebrew is for macOS, or perhaps apt-get for Linux.

You may (or may not) know me as the maintainer of ignition-api Python package (ignition-api 路 PyPI), its stub package (ignition-api-stubs 路 PyPI), incendium (Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation and incendium 路 PyPI), and the Ignition Homebrew formula (GitHub - coatl-dev/homebrew-coatl-dev: 馃嵑 Homebrew Tap). Now comes yet another way to install Ignition on Windows via scoop (GitHub - coatl-dev/scoop-coatl-dev: 馃摝 Scoop bucket).


Because I like to automate the tedious/boring tasks, and in my case I like to install Ignition via the ZIP file installation rather than the installer.

To learn how to install Ignition via scoop, you may read the blog post announcing coatl.dev鈥檚 Scoop bucket.