Anyone working with WebDev Module in Ignition before?


Is there anyone working with WebDev Module in Ignition before? Our team is currently doing a project that requires Ignition to “put or pass” a gz format file from local pc to a given URL using RESTful. I scan through the user manual and realize there is nothing much related to this matter.

Please see link

This module allows you to read data from ignition into a browser for display an HTML page but it can be modified to process put command
Hope it helps !

Hi Pramanj, we don’t required a UI to perform this action. In fact, we need to perform this action (put gz format file to a given URL by scripting) at a certain time daily.

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Do you mean you want to upload a gz file to ignition server from an ignition client PC ?

Hi Pramanj,

Maybe I didnt make that clear enough. Let me clarify that with you. The thing our team trying to do is, Ignition (Vision) will perfrom a RESTful service to pass/put the gz format file stored in local pc to a given URL(Dell Boomi)

Restful web services using webdev allows you to interact with only ignition server from a web browser client . Though it’s possible to communicate between ignition server and other server using Put functions !

You don’t need the Webdev module at all. Webdev is used to expose Ignition’s webserver to other HTTP clients (RESTful or otherwise); you can use Webdev to create your own API that other services talk to.

If you just need to perform web calls, then, as @Pramanj mentioned, there are existing scripting functions to do so. If you’re on a newer 8.0.X version, then I highly recommend; your script might be as simple as:

url = ""
file = "path/to/some/file", file=file)

I see. At first I thought the WebDev module is developed so that you can communicate with other server, now I know what is it developed for. Probably I miss out something in the user manual. Thanks for letting me know about that. Thanks again

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I see. So can I say that the Webdev module enables ignition service to interact with external systems through web service calls?

From what I know for the project we are developing, we are required to send the gz format file to a given URL every day at a certain time. So the Ignition build in able to achieve that? Yes, you are right. We are new to Ignition 8.0.X. I am currently looking into the link you share with us. Thanks for the help and reply. =)

Yes you should be able to do it even for older versions of ignition than 8 , though the httpGet/post functions may be slightly different

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The opposite. Webdev enables external services to interact with Ignition through web service calls.

Built in to Ignition, with no modules installed, you have the scripting functions, which allow Ignition to talk to external web services.

I see. Thanks for the clarification. Thanks

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