Anyway to cycle through screens automatically?

I have several “overview” screens built, is there a way to cycle throught these screens every 5 minutes??

A Client Timer Script could be written to automatically open and close the appropriate windows.

Below is a Client Timer Script that automatically swaps the current maximized window. Set the Client Timer Script to run every 5 minutes.

swapWindows = {"Window 1":"Window 2","Window 2":"Window 3","Window 3":"Window 1"}
win = system.nav.getCurrentWindow()
nextWindow = swapWindows[]

Just got a chance to try this and unfortunately it does nothing, opens the first screen then never changes…

swapWindows = {"Main QA Overview":"Calendar","Calendar":"Main Window","Main Window":"MISC","MISC":"Quality Alerts","Quality Alerts":"Robot Overview","Robot Overview":"Main QA Overview"} win = system.nav.getCurrentWindow() nextWindow = swapWindows[] system.nav.swapTo(nextWindow)

Okay, you will have to debug it then. Change the timer script to run every 10 seconds or so. Open the Output Console to see if any errors are occurring.

Print out the value of win and nextWindow in the script. Find out what is happening.

Are any of your windows in any directories?

Not a good idea. That will lock up your windows for five seconds at a time. Neither python’s nor java’s sleep functions are safe on the foreground (gui) thread.