Anyway to see any metrics/performance stats of WebDev resources?

I have been working on some WebDev resources to expose some tags and other useful things to external parties, but beyond just what you see in the designer, there doesn't seem to be any way to observe what is happening with those 'endpoints'. Is there some Status > Diagnostics type portal on the gateway to see something like the number of calls to a certain resource and what-not? Also, does anyone know of a good way to limit the number of calls to a resource from a specific user? Would the best way to do that be with some script and saving the last call's timestamp from that user? Or is there some built-in method that I am missing?

The WebDev module in general kind of seems underdeveloped, but I guess to be fair, it isn't necessarily the main priority of the platform.

There is not a lot built in to webdev, you're right. Any of the stuff you're asking for could be added, but you'll have to hand-crank it.

Giving WebDev some additional functionality is one of my agenda items - adding metrics would be an easy observability win, so I'll make a ticket for that.

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