AOI issues and OPC servers (and how to choose them) (Rockwell Specific)

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So due to the read write issues with Rockwell AOI’s
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My site is having a moment of “what do we do”

The good (and also hard) answer is change the way we do things holistically.

The not as good (but significantly easier) answer is maybe use a different OPC Server to bypass the issue- specifically Linx gateway

There was some interesting conversation here about sing RsLinx gateway - but this is an old post
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There is little info, especially current, regarding whether this will actually work and quite frankly I like ignition OPC :stuck_out_tongue:

In summary

  • RsLinx Gateway is OPC-DA (so a bit antiquated now) - I am reluctant to use that on a modern system. But there is mention of it maybe helping with reading AOI’s directly
  • Factory Talk Linx is OPC-DA and OPC-UA and is suitable, but there is no info on whether that will make any difference what so ever, it is also probably a bazillion dollars.
  • Ignition OPC-UA server is great, but then it looks like we definitely have work to do on all our past and future developments to stablise our communications

Which leads me to my questions

Has anyone had any experience with Factory Talk Linx and if it helps with performance hit of read/writing AOI’s?

Is this just fixing a stuff up with another stuff up? Would the redevelopment of our site UDT’s and AOI’s be the better option and if so… why? [except for Rockwell license fee’s for linx]

As always thank you for the banter and just in case @pturmel I thought I would tag you as ‘da man’

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I for sure went down this road. We never tried using RSLinx or FTLinx because the pricing for both especially in a redundant system costs more then the Ignition software. The end-user will have to pay for RW software support on top of Ignition support so really wasn’t an option. So the best route for us was to fix our AOIs to use the methods explained in the posts you mentioned.

We did see a 40-50% improvement in the class 3 comms metrics for the RW PLCs after updating and using Ignitions Logix driver.

Good Luck!

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