App not centered in portrait mode

Trying to run an app at 900x1400 portrait mode, but it acts like it’s trying to center in landscape mode.

I’ve tried changing min/max window sizes everywhere I could find, but to no avail. So which one did I miss? :laughing:

EDIT: Almost forgot, the client is running under Ubuntu

As a workaround, I expanded the window to landscape proportions and just use the visible portion, but that’s just going to be annoying… luckuly it’s only a couple of windows that will be displayed…

Is this a normal client you’re talking about? Did you uncheck the start maximized button under Project Properties / Client / Launching?

Found it!

Although I was positive I’d set it correctly the first time around, I had to play with the minimum client window size.

As a side note, setting it to slightly lower than the screen resolution removes any sliders that may appear.

Thanks for the assist, Colby. Even though the Start Maximized option wasn’t my root cause, it did prompt me to take a closer look (again) at my settings. :blush: