Applet Margins


in project properties the only applet properties I can change are Width and Height.
But how can I set the host page margins of the applet.
By default there are some pixels of margin near left and top border. I don’t know from where they comes but I don’t want them. I want the applet to be aligned to the borders.

How can I configure it?
Thanks a lot for your help.

PS: initially i wanted to use mobile mode to embed the client into HTML page, as there are no margins. But I have a problem with old versions of IE, because some functions (JSON and CANVAS) are not supported. And unfortunately the usage of old IE is a constraint.

I’ve solved the issue.
I downloaded the HTML code of page that ignition generates for applet, and saved in local (or better on website). In html code i added properties like padding:0; margin:0; border:0;…

Initially it didn’t work because the proper javascript file was not available. I downloaded the content of deployJava.js and changed script tag as follow:

Now instead of using the direct link provided by ignition I just call my local file.
That’s all.