Application Blocked By Deployment Rule Set

After updating to Java version 8 update 231, I now get the following when I attempt to launch Ignition client or designer by anything other than the client launcher. Is there a fix for this?

None of the solutions in the following link work for me. (I can’t upgrade from Ignition 7.9.10 as per my client’s request).


Hello @andrew.obermeyer Did you get a solution? I’m also facing the same problem with Ignition 7.9 and Java 8 Update 311 is installed. I can’t upgrade to Ignition version 8.1.

Are you trying to use JNLP files? If so, don’t. Use the native client launcher. If that won’t run, talk to your IT folk.

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but I want to run the ingition designer.

In v7.9, the native client launcher also launches the designer.

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thank you very much…it worked. :slight_smile: