Application encryption

Is there a way to encrypt an application with the licence?
Our customer wants his application can only runs on his gateway.

Well, there are multiple things you can do.

  1. keep it from appearing on the launch page. That’s a setting withing the project you can change through the designer. That’ll prevent the first 99% of people trying to run the project externally because there’s no link.

  2. use a separate authentication scheme, with one user.

  3. monitor the IP address. If it isn’t the gateway, close it down. Also, audit the attempted logins to see where they’re coming from.

I think OEM lock might let you do something like this as well…

Thanks for reply, but with these tips, an administrator of actual gateway can export the project, and then import in another and let it run. They want something like an encryption based on licence, that will block the project on any gateway who d’ont have the right licence. Maybe it’s not possible, but this question was aked in a training and i’d like to know if it’s possible or not.
Kevin => OEM lock? Can you explain a little more please?

One solution would be to implement critical parts of the application in java and distribute it as a licensed module. Then only licensees of the module would be able to run the project.

Yes, solution with licenced module seems to be good.
Thanks all for your posts :wink:

I also interested to know more details about this.

It basically prevents you from opening a project in the designer unless you have the right license attributes. Its primary function is so that OEMs can prevent their project implementations from being copied… I think.

You’ll have to talk to your sales rep for more info; I don’t know if it’s free.