Application Error Code 105)] when launching a Perspective

I'm trying to launch a Perspective app on an ipad and am getting an application error. This is occurring for both my app and the Perspective Demo. I didn't find another topic on this and wondered what it could be.

Thanks for the help.

A possible first step will be to run the app in the designer and see if there are any error messages showing up in the logs. Secondly, is the app being opened in browser or perspective launcher? Lastly, are there any details of the error reported by perspective? If yes, then please paste them here.

Thanks for your response. I believe the issue may be certificates on the iPad, working with IT now to sort that out first. Thanks.

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Hi @hw79 was there any resolution to this? I'm also facing this issue, especially with apple products.

@ukamani Yes, my issue was resolved internally. It had to do with security certificates being invalid because the date was incorrect and had to be reset.


Hey I am having the same issue. When you said you had to modify security certificates were you talking about the certs on the ipad?

That's correct. The iPad was previously assigned to another user and security group in AD. I had to get an IT ticket for them to reconfigure it for me. This included new security certificates.